Q1 2020 Talent Acquisition INDUSTRY INSIGHTS REPORT

This digest of recently published news and reports is designed to be a resource for business leaders and executives managing talent acquisition. This quarter's Talent Acquisition Industry Insights Report takes you through content on the impact of COVID-19 on businesses including hiring and lay-off projections, shifting priorities of CHROs and talent acquisition leaders, and top strategies. Our digest will provide you with relevant information and context to help you develop better talent acquisition strategies.



  • In this downturn, 40% of leaders are seeking to increase strategic partnerships.
  • Since March 16, 11% of the American labor force has filed for unemployment.
  • COVID-19 is accelerating the rate of business transformation.
  • Nearly 20 million workers are predicted to be laid off or furloughed by July.
  • Top 10 most in-demand jobs hiring list is topped by store associates.
  • Current crisis is impacting hiring either moderately or severely for 73% of businesses.
  • CHROs are focused on business continuity and crisis communication.


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