Q2 2019 Talent Acquisition INDUSTRY INSIGHTS REPORT

As experts in the recruiting field, we are able to provide readers with curated content from recent publications. This quarter's Talent Acquisition Industry Insights Report takes you through content on unemployment rates, market projections, recruitment trends, diversity recruitment strategies, and more. Our digest will provide you with relevant information and context to help you develop better talent acquisition strategies.



  • 71% of HR managers are worried about the talent shortage citing turnover/retention as a top concern.
  • And 29% of employees plan to leave their jobs in the next 12 months.
  • Entry level salaries are more than expected to stay competitive in tight labor markets. $56,155 as opposed to the anticipated $47,562 average.
  • The current unemployment rate (3.7%) is one of the lowest in 50 years.
  • Average hourly earnings for private payrolls (non-farm) is up 3.1% year over year.


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