Q4 2018 Talent Acquisition INDUSTRY INSIGHTS REPORT


Our 20+ years of experience in the recruiting field allows us to provide our readers with curated content from recently published news. Our Talent Acquisition Industry Insights Report takes you through the current unemployment rates, industry trends, industry growth, and market and candidate intel. This report will provide you with valuable information to leverage while developing talent acquisition strategies.



  • Talent is becoming increasingly difficult to attract and retain, which is why companies are increasing pay, benefits and perks. Currently, the average turnover among millennial workers is 33%.
  • Odds are, the U.S. won’t face a recession in 2019. However, growth may be slower this year.
  • Employees with high potential are 39% more likely to look for a job within another organization.
  • Job seekers looking to switch companies expect better, high-quality benefits from their new employer.


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